Types Of Rough Diamonds

types of rough diamonds, rough diamond crystals come in different sizes, colors, and clarity. before we polish rough diamonds we need to assort according to their properties. rough diamonds categorized as their born mine place names.


  • cape or caps diamonds

These types of diamonds come in small size, its already cleaved diamonds come from mines. its polish too smoothly when we polish this. “Cape” word comes from, South Africa where “Cape of good hope” named place available. diamonds from there come in mostly yellow colors. some dealers called “capes diamond”.


  • Sawn Diamond:

this type of diamond already sawn by sawing machine of blade sawing machine. octahedron or dodecahedron shape diamonds are used in diamond sawing.

  • Bangui Diamond:

this type of diamond’s surface is mostly smooth, these diamonds come without a divider line. mostly diamond color is light blue, light red, or gene color. but when we polish this its comes in white color diamonds. Bangui diamonds name belongs to the capital of middle Africa Bangui.

  • Braza diamond:

These types of diamonds come from Brazawill (congo), near in surface of the land. These types of diamonds have an industrial quality or gem quality also. These types of diamonds white, yellow, or light blue colors.

  • shikaya diamond:

this type of diamond looks the same as Braza diamond, its come from near Angola and Congo borders. so why its called “shikaya diamond”.

  • west African rough diamond:

this type of diamonds come in light blue color, this diamonds soft and sparkling skin. these diamonds are Flattened. these diamonds come from Ghana land in Africa.

  • Venezuelan Rough Diamonds:

These Diamonds Come From Venezuela, South Africa. These Diamonds Come in Yellow or Greenish colors. These diamonds have deep cracks, so its less number of creating a whole polish diamond. more number of cleaving diamonds.


  • River Diamonds:

Diamonds Come From Surface of River Called “river diamonds”, these diamonds come in round shaped diamonds. These diamonds have colorless properties and more clarity than mine diamonds. These types of diamonds mostly come from Russia so why its Called “Russian Diamonds”.

  • Australian Diamond:

Diamonds Come From Australian Mines Called “Australian diamonds”. These diamonds have oily skin. These diamonds have hardest than other mine diamonds. These diamonds have tough so we use special Scaif Polishing Wheel to polish these diamonds.

  • Canadian rough diamonds:

This Diamonds is Blackish Color And Milky White Color With Thin Layer. After Polishing Mostly Diamonds Become In white color. This Diamonds Has Smooth Skin. Its Come From Canada mines So-Called “Canadian rough diamonds”

  • Red Soil Rough Diamonds:

Mostly These Diamonds Are White but  Red Color Soil Is Inside Of Diamond Crakes, So Why Its Shown Red Color Diamonds. We Can Remove This  By Boil Diamonds In Acid.

  • Cube Diamonds:

These rough diamonds have six square facets, joints with corners. we need to cleave these diamonds, less number of diamonds for sawing and whole polishing. these diamonds come from brazil and south Africa, Robert’s diamond mine.

  • syndicate rough diamonds:

this diamonds has good quality and good rough price. It comes in white color, and looking brilliance. it’s easy to polish.


  • Coated Diamonds:

These types of diamonds come in greenish or yellowish colors, with a layer of the cloudy carbon layer. it’s called coating. this coating is an industrial quality coating, this coating is thin or big also. a gem-quality diamond also inside this coated diamond. gem-quality diamond has recovered after removing this coating. these diamonds come from sierra-leone in Africa country.

these diamonds are categorized as a type of layer.

  1. paper coating diamond: this type of diamond has a very thin layer, and the availability of gem-quality diamond inside is 90% and the coating is 10%. we can remove this by polishing.
  2. thin coating diamond: these types of a diamond is 70% gem-quality diamond and 30% layer of coating.
  3. medium coating diamond: these diamonds have medium coating it has 60% gem-quality diamond and 40% of a coated layer on the diamond surface. we can remove it by cleaving process. this process called “window open”.
  4. thick coating diamonds: this diamonds has a thick diamond coating, it has 30% gem-quality diamond and 70% of the industrial quality dull milky coated layer. we can remove it by the sawing process.


  • Rejection Diamonds:

These types of diamonds have fully industrial coated diamonds, there is no gem-quality diamond is inside this stone. this type has a diamond is full of impurities or cloudy.

  • Boart Diamonds:

These diamonds have industrial-quality diamonds. these diamonds are black or brownish color diamonds. These diamonds used as abrasive, it’s very tough diamonds. these diamonds come from Congo in Africa.

  • Balas Diamonds:

This Diamonds Is industrial quality diamonds, generally Its round-shape diamonds, used as abrasive.

  • carbonado diamonds:

these types of diamonds are too small. its made with graphite or carbon. its black color, very useful for industry. it is not useful as gem-quality diamonds, these diamonds come from South America and brazil country. some people are called “albando”.

  • Zimbabwe rough diamonds:

These Diamonds Come from africa’s Zimbabwe country. We Called “Zimba rough” in the diamond market. These diamonds have a black coating on a surface. we can remove this and recover the gem-quality diamond.

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