Pramukh Jewels

Your Diamond Consultants, From Surat-Gujarat. We Provide Services To Diamond/Jewelry Industries Word-Wide. Take A Look What We Do!

"I'Am Always Available For Fulfill Global Demand of Diamonds. My Clients Will Get Best Competitive Prices From Everywhere" That's My Promise.

You Have Rough Diamonds?

Let’s See What Can We Do For You


Rough Diamond Planing

We Plan Diamonds According To Each Shape, Size, Clarity or Color. we try to plan for best achieve polished weight or price.


Rough Diamond Sawing

We Saw Diamonds In Green Laser Sawing, With Minimum Breakage-0.01%, Or Minimum Weight Loss Of 1.00%. We also Work On High-stressed Diamonds.


Rough Diamond Bruting

Using Latest Technology, A Perfect Round Shape, We Polish Girdle, For Perfect Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.


Rough Diamond Polishing

Latest Technology Meets, Diamonds. We use Scaif Polishing Wheel For Smooth Diamond Facets Polishing.


Excellent Cut Diamond Polishing

With Using Diascan, We Polish Proper Excellent/ideal cut Diamonds. With Fully Automate Diamond Polishing Dop.


Diamond Grading

Advance Microscopic Diamond Grading With 99% Accuracy Of Diamond Grade, In Color, clarity or color.

Are You jeweler?

If You Have Jewelry Store, or are you making diamond jewelry,  we offer wide range of polished diamonds from manufacturing hub diamond city -surat.

Certified Polished Diamonds
Fancy shape Polished Diamonds
Loose Polished Diamonds

Color Range: White Diamonds, Yellow Diamonds, Brown Diamonds, Black Diamonds

Seive Size: -2 Upto +15

Diameter: +1MM Upto +3.5MM

Size: 0.008 carat Upto 0.16 carat

Fancy Color Polished Diamonds

Color Range: Fancy Yellow Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Green Diamonds, Black Diamonds Etc.

Seive Size: -2 Upto +15

Diameter: +1MM Upto +3.5MM

Size: 0.008 carat Upto 0.16 carat