Jewelry Care Guide

Jewelry Care Is Very Important part Because Diamonds Are Very Exceptional And Rare.Every diamond is extremely hard and durable. But to keep these precious stones looking brilliant over time, some maintenance is recommended

Jewelry Care By Self-

Don’t wear your diamond jewellery during rigorous work or sporting activities.

Don’t let your diamond rings come into contact with hard surfaces.

Don’t leave diamonds near corrosive substances like cosmetics or cleaners.

Check your diamond jewellery regularly to ensure settings are secure.

Have a qualified jeweller inspect your diamonds at least once a year.


You should Try At Home-

Wash and brush gently in a bowl of warm water with mild detergent.

Soak in 1 part ammonia and 5 parts cold water for 3-5 minutes. Repeat and pat dry.

Dip in liquid jewellery cleaner and follow the instructions.

Ultra clean with ultrasonic jewellery cleaner. Again, follow the instructions.


Jewelry Storage-

Never store diamond jewellery together. Keep separate to avoid scratching.

Don’t leave jewellery boxes near excessive heat or moisture.

Store in separate pouches or a soft-lined box with compartments.

Buy a jewellery travel case for travelling.