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Diamond sorting- Quality chart of Diamond

Diamond sorting- Quality chart of Diamond

Types of Rough diamond sorting: After being found in a diamond mine, it is classified three types,
1. Primary sorting – At Mines.
2. Secondary sorting or commercial sorting – At CSO / DTC and trading offices.
3. Manufacturer sorting (Market sorting or Third stage of sorting) – At Manufacturing offices Different stages of Assortment

-Different stages of Assortment

1. Primary Diamond sorting – At Mines.

This is the primary classification after diamonds are found in alkali. Here the diamond is cleaned with acid!
And are classified into 3 groups.
1. Gem quality diamonds,
2. Near Gem-quality diamonds,
3. Boart or crushing – boart.

All Diamonds Come From Mines:- The result would be like this,


According to the demand of the diamond market near gem-quality diamonds also come for sale in the market.

India is the biggest buyer of “near gem-quality diamonds” here is the changing quality of diamonds by processing by skilled artisans.

There would be more than 5,000 possible rough diamond classifications.

2. Secondary sorting or commercial sorting – At CSO / DTC and trading offices.

Secondary diamond sorting or commercial diamond sorting is similar to the quality diamonds classified in sizes and smalls. There are diamonds more than 2 carats in sizes and diamonds below 2 carats in smalls. In addition, white, yellow, and brown colors are separated.

Sizes are classified into –
Stones: Unbroken crystal of less formation.
Shapes: Unbroken crystals of regularity.
Cleavages: Irregularly shaped diamonds or broken diamonds.

Diamond sorting in Smalls: is classified as follows:
Also called sawables, divided into 4 Categories:

Stones: Same as larger stones and shapes.
Chips: Same as larger cleavages.
macle: Twinned crystals of rough triangular shapes.
Flats: Crystals of irregular shape with flat parallel sides like a piece of broken glass.

Color sorting


– Exceptional white
– Medium white

-Dull white


– Light yellow Medium yellow

– Darker yellow


– Light brown
– Medium brown
– Darker brown

3.Market diamond sorting or Third stage of diamond sorting

We know that all diamonds in DTC are classified commercially but in more space. For which there are mixes of all types of diamonds, which have to be reclassified as per the requirement for manufacturing.
such as,
Clarity wise sorting: Here diamonds are classified according to internal and external defects.

Color-wise sorting: Here it is classified by color. white, yellow, brown, fancy, and occur.

Shape wise sorting: Here diamonds are classified according to their shape. octahedron, dodecahedron, cube, and triangle.

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