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Rough Diamond Assortment Techniques

Rough Diamond Assortment Techniques, if we want to assort rough diamonds, the first step is we will assort rough diamonds according to their rough shape. perfect shape diamonds: first we assort perfect shape diamonds from whole loose diamonds. medium shape diamonds: here we assort diamonds that disorder, long width-short height, crooked and shocked diamonds. lower …

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Rough Diamond Shapes

Rough Diamond Shapes,  In All Minerals Category, Diamonds Are Highest Crystalized Structure. Diamond Crystalised Structure makes diamonds toughest. The Crystalised structure of Diamonds is also important to decide rough diamond prices. because we can predict polished wight after seeing the structure of the diamond. let’s see some common diamond shapes, Octahedron Shape Rough Diamonds Octahedron …

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useful tools for diamond assortment

we saw in the last article about rough diamond assortment, now we learn about which types of tools are used for the perfect assortment of rough diamonds. a perfect condition for perfect rough diamond assortment: the first step is light, we need the perfect light environment for assortment because we need to see a small …

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Types Of Rough Diamonds

types of rough diamonds, rough diamond crystals come in different sizes, colors, and clarity. before we polish rough diamonds we need to assort according to their properties. rough diamonds categorized as their born mine place names. cape or caps diamonds These types of diamonds come in small size, its already cleaved diamonds come from mines. …

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physical properties of diamonds

physical diamond properties, diamonds are nature’s miracle it comes with their own physical properties. let’s know about born natural diamonds properties.   chemical composition: carbon (c), (99.95%) crystal system: cubic refractive index: 2.417 specific gravity: 3.52 luster: adamantine hardness: 10 dispersion: 0.044 color: white, yellow, red, blue, black, most of all colors     diamond …

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Diamond Manufacturing process

diamond manufacturing process, when diamond mine from mines, the diamond was not so beautiful, that’s like a simple rock! if we need diamond shine, we want to polish them. diamond polishing is too tricky work, it needs some calculation or safety. for polish diamonds, we need some process, like diamond planing, diamond sawing, diamond cleaving, …

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the art of diamond polishing

in the polished diamonds, the polishing of diamonds is the most important factor. polishing quality is responsible for how diamonds are shiny. diamond polishing is subject that fully depends on the hands of diamond artisans who polish the diamond. only artisans are done the beauty of each diamond. good polishing is shown the brilliance of …

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Diamond Distribution Chart/ diamond manufacturing process

Gem Quality Diamond Distribution Chart and diamond manufacturing process. let’s understanding whats is happening inside the diamond industry, how diamonds have come to your fingers. there are two main systems for selling diamonds, its simple funnel. De Beers Selling Funnel: de beers have created a central selling organization called ” CSO” this company is based …

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Gem Quality Diamonds

Gem quality diamonds are mostly used in the jewelry industry. These quality diamonds are a good color and good quality.  we can categorize diamonds as of use like this, the diamonds: more than one-carat diamonds are so beautiful the fancy color diamonds: fancy colors available like green, pink, blue, red, orange, black, and violet. the …

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