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What Is A Diamond?

Oldest Material On Earth

Most natural diamonds are aged between 1 billion and 3.5 billion years. Most were formed in the Earth’s mantle at depths between 150 and 250 kilometers (93 and 155 mi), although some have come from depths of 800 kilometers (500 mi).

Highest Pressure Absorb, Material On Earth

Under high pressure and temperature, carbon-containing liquids dissolved the minerals and replaced them with diamonds. Very recently (from one million to hundreds of millions of years ago), they were taken to the surface in volcanic eruptions and deposited in igneous rocks, known as kimberlites and lamprites.

Hardest Material On Earth

A diamond is a solid form of carbon structure in which atoms are arranged in a crystal structure called a diamond cubic. Diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any natural material.


$16 Billion

in net positive socioeconomic and environmental benefits

$6.8 Billion

benefits infused into communities through the purchase of local goods and services.

1023 Square Feet

of land DPA Members protect; 3x the amount of land that they use

Let’s See How Diamonds Are Contribute In Social Responsibility, And Protect Our Planet


of water used for diamond mining is recycled


of the value created is retained locally, benefitting communities directly and indirectly.

$292 million

benefits of social programs including education and healthcare

What we do

We “Pramukh Jewels” Involve In Natural Rough Diamond Manufacturing Service, Where We Use Latest Technology To Achieve World’s Best Brilliant Cut Diamonds

We Are From


Surat Is World’s Largest Diamonds Manufacturing Center,

More Than 5000 Registered Diamond Companies.

More Than 2 Million People Are Working In Diamond Industry As An Diamond Artisans.

where worlds 9 out 10 diamonds are cut and polished.
so you will get assured natural diamond prices.

Our Diamonds


Natural Polished Certified Diamonds

We Offer Wide Range Of Natural Polished Certified Diamonds.

Selected Inventory is Starts From 0.30 Carats To 5.00 Carats. 

Color Range Is D To Z.

Clarity Grades VVS To SI3 Quality.

Excellent To Good Cut Diamonds.

Diamonds Are Certified By Gia, IGi, Or Hrd-Aentwerp.

*We Can’t Own Large Size Certified Diamonds Inventory. We Will Trade It With Our Partner Companies.


Natural Polished Fancy Cut Diamonds

We Offer Wide Range Of Natural Polished Fancy Cut Diamonds.

Our Inventory is Starts From 0.05 Carats To 0.30 Carats. 

Color Range Is D To Z.

Clarity Grades VVS To SI3 Quality.

Excellent To Good Cut Diamonds.

*We Manufacture Fancy Shape Diamonds In Our Unit.  Some Special Cut Diamonds Are Made To Order Only.


Calibrated Loose Diamonds / Matching Layouts

Fully Accurate Sieve Sizes, MM To MM Calibrated Diamond Parcels, As Per Client’s Requirements

Round Diamonds:

Seive Size: -2 Upto +15

Diameter: +1MM Upto +3.5MM

Size: 0.008 carat Upto 0.16 carat

Baguette Diamonds

Seive Size: -2 Upto +15

Diameter: +1MM Upto +6MM

Size: 0.05 carat Upto 0.50 carat

Our Services

One Stop Solutions For All Your Diamond Needs Or Related Services At No Extra Cost!

Diamond Grading Service

We Provide Diamond Grading Services As Per Our Clients Requirement From Our loose Diamond Stock​We Provide Diamonds Graded By GIA, IGI Or HRD Grading Certificates.

Calibrated Diamond Parcels

Fully Accurate Sieve Sizes, MM To MM Calibrated Diamond Parcels, As Per Your Requirements

Lab Grown Inspections

We Check Your Loose Diamonds Or Jewelry, At Free Of Cost, No Hidden Synthetics Or Lab-Grown Diamonds Will Leave In Your Natural Diamonds.

Consignment Service

If Our Clients Are Unable To Visit Us, We Provide Diamonds For Viewing At Their Own Office With "No Buying Force"

Laser Engraving

We Serve Laser Engraving On Polished Diamonds Or Your Finished Jewelry, Engrave Your Name , Date, Or Logo. Make Your Goods Identified Or Memorial.

Finance Service

We Supply Diamonds On Buyer's Credit, As Our " No Advance Payment " Policy.

Diamond Manufacturing Services

We Manufacture Natural Polished Diamonds With Latest Technology Equipment.
We Provide One Stop Solution For Your Rough Diamonds To Polished Diamonds.


Rough Diamond Sorting​

Rough Diamond Assortment As Per 4'cs, Cut, Carat, Clarity, Or Colour.


Rough Diamond Galaxy Planing

Galaxy Machine Rough Diamond Planing For Best Polished Value Achieve In Rough Stones


Rough Diamond Sawing

We Saw Rough Diamonds With Best Cutting Edge Technology With Fully Automation


Rough Diamond Bruting​

Rough Diamond girdle polishing, After this process Diamond Will Be More Sparkling

Rarity Of 1 Carat Gem-Quality Diamond

If We Recover 10,00,000 Diamonds From Mines…

 We Will Get Only, 1 Stone Of Gem-Quality​ This Only One Diamond That’s Suitable For Diamond Jewelry.

 We Provide Diamonds With 100% Natural Diamond Assurance​.


our company

Pramukh Jewels

We “Pramukh Jewels” Involve In Natural Rough Diamond Manufacturing Service, Where We Use Latest Technology To Achieve World’s Best Brilliant Cut Diamonds, After A Many Year’s Experience Now We Also Offer Consulting Service, Where We Provide In House Diamond Customised Cut, Diamond Grading Or Supply Diamonds To The World.


We Have Strong Relationships With Surat’s Diamond Manufacturers, Suppliers, Or Brokers So Any Of Your Rough Diamonds To Polished Diamonds Requirement Will Be Complete Here. We Have Own Manufacturing Unit For Specializing In Customised Fancy Diamond Shapes, We Also Work In Consulting For Certified Graded Diamonds Or Dossiers. We Sell Diamonds Graded By Gia, Igi Or Hrd.

About Me



Natural Diamond Consultant

hardik mer- pramukh jewels

Hello World, This Is Hardik Mer, I Am A Second Generation Diamond Manufacturer And Your Diamond Consultant,
After Completed My Study, I Look Forward To Our Diamond Manufacturing Business,
So I Was Going To “Indian Diamond Institute” For Learn Advance Diamond Manufacturing Skills,
I Learn Advance Technology Diamond Manufacturing To Achieve Real/ Rare Beauty Of Diamonds.
I Wish to Continue Our Manufacturing History For Better Future World.

As An Passion, I Also Studied About International Trade, Finance Or Import/Export.
I Actively Participate In International Trade So I Manage My Clients Trade Or Payments Risk. As An Entrepreneur My Responsibility To Provide Diamond Education, Diamond Consulting, Or Trade Facilitation To My Clients At Free Of Cost. Because We Based In “Diamond City” Surat-Gujrat. Where Worlds 9 Out Of 10 Diamonds Are Cutted And Polished. So You Will Get Polished Diamonds At Good Price.


Feel Free For Any Questions!

We Never Charge For Consultations Or Quotations!

Looking More About Diamonds?

We Provide Diamonds Or Jewelry Related Education At Free Of Cost!

You Have Rough Diamonds?

And Are You Looking For Make It Cut And Polished? We Will Do it For You.

Are You Interested To Buy Natural Polished Diamonds?

We Will Help You To Choose Best Diamonds At Reasonable Price Direct From Manufacturers.

Pramukh Jewels Diamond Education University

know all about natural diamonds, read our diamond education articals, gain your knowledge from diamond mines to market.

We are here to assist you

Feel free to contact us or just drop a line here. Our support team will reach you very soon

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We Provide Natural Polished Loose Diamonds At Very competitive Price.

100% Price Matching guarantee World-Wide.

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